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WSPA Board Meeting Minutes                                              

1.      Meeting Called to order on June 14, 2018 at 8:37 a.m.

2.      Norms, Roles, Purpose

3.      Roll Call: There were a sufficient number of members present for a quorum.

3.1.     Members Present: Kathryn Bush, P, Amy Cole, Robert Dixon, Jamie Ghere, Kisten Gillespie, Jennifer Kamke-Black, Amanda Myers (member a Large), Evan Pagel, Travis Pinter, Kathy Rusch, Julia Rutkowski, Linda Servais, Sara Soleymani-Alizadeh, Brooke Soupenne, Rene Staskal, Tammy Stowers- Tonn, Jenny Vogelsberg, and Chris Weins
Affiliate Members and Guests Present: Don Juve, WSPA association manager, Elizabeth Cook, DPI

4.              Approve Spring 2018 Board Minutes Board Meeting Minutes

Motion to Approve Minutes by Rob Dixon, Linda Servais seconded motion passed.

4.1     The board had a discussion of regarding the last board meeting where some board members participated via phone. The concerns raised were that when the meetings occur via phone/electronic the conversation is not as rich and there generally is less engagement in participation. Jennifer Kamke-Black raised concerns about districts not allowing staff to leave for conventions and or PD as frequently, therefore, the option of an alternative way to connect would be desirable. Board members requested feedback from members who participated via phone. Amanda Meyers indicated that when in attendance over media she was able to hear most of the conversations and liked the opportunity to participate at the meeting. Rene summarized the discussion as the board values in person meetings but also recognizes that there is a value to alternative participation for those who cannot attend. Additionally, there is a need to improve the experience for electronic participation (looking into Zoom, Google Hangout, etc.).

5.              Resignations and Appointments:

5.1    Resignations: Holly Rabe no longer in Central Region, Nick Pinzke, CLASP, Ron McPhail, PINES

5.2    Appointments:  Julia Rutkowski for Mental Health; Chris Weins for Regional Rep. Coordinator

5.3     OPEN positions:
                                    i.                SPAWN Representative
                                  ii.                Lake to Lake Representative
                                 iii.                Chippewa Valley Representative
                                 iv.                Technology Chair 
      v.                Nomination & Elections
     vi.                Northwoods Regional Representative
    vii.                Central Regional Representative
                              viii.                CLASP (Capital Lakes Association of School Psychologist)
                                 ix.                Regional Representative Coordinator
                                   x.                Pines Region Representative

5.4              The board discussed the need to prioritize someone to be appointed to the Nominations and Elections position as soon as possible. Chris Weins volunteered to take the position of Regional Representative Coordinator.

6.         Old Business
6.1     NCSP follow regarding district compensation, information from survey-Jennifer V. discussed data from a survey that was sent out regarding members who have their NCSP. Data suggests that 53% of respondents indicate holding NCSP and 9% receive additional compensation for holding NCSP. The board discussed that the NASP position paper should be reviewed by the board and possible resources given out to advocate for additional compensation. Katie Johnson indicated that there was a previous NCSP committee this work was completed. The information that was created should be reviewed and updated as resources for members to use within their district. Action: An Ad Hoc committee for NCSP to be created—Katie Johnson volunteered to chair committee; Jamie Ghere and Jenny Vogelsberg volunteered to participate on the committee. Rene Staskal summarized that there would be an ad hoc committee established to review NCSP resources and possible adoption of NASP’s position paper regarding NCSP.

A. Paying for survey services: The board had a Discussion surrounding Survey Monkey and paid services. Rob Dxion. concerned about using monetary resources wisely during tight budget times. Rene Staskal. suggested that Jamie Ghere and Jennifer Vogelsberg should discuss adding this fee to an Action Plan and/or collaborating with others to explore other survey options.

7.               New Business
7.1     Conflict of interest forms were given out and signed at the meeting by board members.
7.2     Ad Hoc Committee to Consider Professional Standards for WSPA Membership: This committee was appointed by Linda Servais. The committee members discussed the new bylaws defining parameters around approval and denial of membership requests. Much of the language that the organization had previous was not changed. Chris W. discussed that the committee closely followed NASP guidelines. (Memo).
Motion to approve Professional Standards for WSPA Membership by Linda Servais seconded by Chris Weins motion passed.

Action: Secretary will make changes in the Operational Handbook as soon as possible to reflect professional standards change. Additionally, Chris Weins will contact Tom Hellmers regarding changes.

7.3               Member at Large appointment was held. Amanda Meyers Volunteered for appointment.  Motion to approve Member at Large by Rene S. and seconded by Katie Johnson motion passed.

7.4              Membership Survey committee requested. Rob Dixon volunteered to chair this ad hoc committee. Tammy Stowers and Katie Johnson volunteered to be on the committee.

7.5              The board continued a follow up discussion regarding the WSPA budget from LRP. Kathryn Bush reported to the board that she examined previous budgets for the last 5 years to establish a realistic budget. A slightly ‘healthier’ budget was created with the potential increase of membership enrollment by 10% and a membership fee raise of five dollars. Another topic that was continued from the LRP was discussion around the importance of an increase in promoting organization, membership applicants, and creating more options/ideas of increasing revenue.

7.6              Rob Dxion discussed an increase in registration fees for convention by $25.00 in addition to the $5.00 membership fee increase. Jennifer Vogelsberg raised a concern that convention fees are higher than NASP convention fees and members have made note of that. The board then discussed how change in licensure and the impact that may potentially have on convention attendance. Linda Servais shared that she believes that membership due increase would be a good decision to help with a healthier budget and to raise revenue. Jamie Ghere. suggested that strategic advertisement of what WSPA can offer as an organization could potentially support the need to increase membership by 10%.
Motion to increase dues by five dollars by Rob Dixon and seconded by Amanda Myers; Kathryn Bush abstained motioned passed

7.7              Motion to approve budget by Rob Dixon and seconded by Kisten Gillespie; Kathryn B abstained motion passed.

7.8     The board began discussion around next year’s LRP meeting dates. Kisten raised concern surrounding cancellation at LRP meeting last minute results in a loss of money for the board because the funds cannot be refunded. It was suggested that a date is given to board members regarding cancellation or inability to attend LRP. Canceling ahead of time will be necessary to save money. Board agreed upon next year’s LRP dates: June 24, 2019-Executive Meeting and June 25-26 LRP/Board Meeting.

8.  Reports and Action Plans of Officers, Standing Committees, Ad Hoc Officers

8.1. Executive Committee Officers

A.         President: Rene Staskal – Discussed that the regional leadership meeting and good discussions around school psychologist shortages. Going forward Rene will be attending WAPSO meetings.

B.         Past President:  Linda Servais –The Department of Justice and the Office of School Safety wanted input on school safety and contacted WSPA. Linda Servais., Rene Staskal., Kathryn Bush, and Scott Woitaszewski participated in phone conversation about school mental health and trauma informed care in Education. Currently, there are competitive grants are being offered for school safety to districts in Wisconsin. Glenn Rehberg from the Office of School Safety will speak at the fall convention during lunch. Linda is waiting to hear back to see if Brad Schimel the Attorney General of Wisconsin will also be in attendance during that speech. Linda Servais and Rene Staskal also attended a meeting with Jeff Pertl, DPI’s Senior Policy Advisor at DPI, and other pupil service professionals regarding aid for hiring of pupil service professionals. Last year SSW were the only pupil service professionals who received such aid money. At the meeting there was discussion that school districts should have the decision on who they would like to hire with this categorical aid to meet their needs. Final decisions regarding categorical aid have not been made but Linda shared that she was grateful for the opportunity to be at the table and provide input and advocate for school psychologists.  

C.         Secretary: Brooke Soupenne – No new business.

D.         Treasurer: Kathryn Bush discussed that approval is needed to make an adjustment to the credit card limit. At the spring board meeting the board authorized the organization to get a credit card with a limit of $500. The credit card limit came back at $19,000. Kathryn proposed that a new credit limit be set to $2000. Approval by the board is needed to put limit at $2000. Motion to approve credit card limit to $2000 by Rob Dixon seconded by Jennifer motioned passed.

E.         Member at Large: Amanda Myers reported that she is planning on being a part of WCASS but unsure of attending conventions consistently. She will work to build connections.

F.         Association Manager: Don Juve thanked Kisten with Planning and Development involvement and help with LRP logistics.  

8.2 Regional Representatives (Only those with item or highlights to share)

A.         MASP: Sara Soleymani-Alizadeh – No separate meetings held with membership and all discussion held at meetings or via email. She also reported the district hired 17 new psychologists.

B.         Suburban: Chris Weins – Has 118 people on contact list. Networking meetings have 30-45 people on average in attendance.

C.         Vacationland: Amy Cole – Held two meetings and had new psychologists join meetings. Talked about membership but no new applicants.

8.3 Standing Board Committees

A.         Children's Services: Kathy Rusch will send out an email regarding request of donations for auction to Regional Reps and other agencies. Any type of donation is welcome large or small. Jamie Ghere suggested to post auctions online via Facebook Merchandise or another bidding sight. Rob Dixon also suggested that larger items that are donated could be a raffle option of $5.00 per ticket and smaller items would be silent auction items.

B.         Legislative:  Kisten Gillespie Nothing to report

C.         Membership Chair: Tom Hellmers –Absent

D.         Mental Health: Rob Dixon –Turning over position to Julia Rutkowski. and thanked her for her leadership.

E.         Nominations and Elections: Vacant

F.         Convention Planning: Tammy Stowers-Tonn Next fall convention October 24-26, 2018 at Holiday Inn in Manitowoc. Everything is on track with planning. Presentations are 90% full. A discussion of two versus one convention per year was not discussed at this meeting.

G.        Professional Standards and Practice:  Michael Axelrod –  Memo

H.         Professional Preparation and Training: Chris Neddenriep –Absent  

I.          Public Relations: Jamie Ghere and Jenny Vogelsberg discussed that there is a link in action plan regarding analytics on Facebook which has been shared with the board. The committee was wondering if there is a PR manual as referenced in Action Plan. Kathryn Bush volunteered to contact previous chair to see about manual. Jennifer Vogelsberg discussed the shirt sale with a profit of about $150 to benefit Children’s Services Fund. The committee also discussed the possibility to raise prices or offer different items to make more revenue. The committee is open to suggestions on how to best reach out to and disseminate information to Wisconsin school psychologists and WSPA members. The committee is planning on working with Don’s daughter to help strengthen online outreach capabilities.   

J.         Publications: Jennifer Kamke-Black –Newsletters are sent out August 15, November 15 January 15, and April 15th. She needs bios for new board members (please keep information timeless).  

K.         Recognition and Scholarships:  Ann Reyes –Absent

            However, the board did discuss changing the name of Allard Award which was created over a decade ago. Funds have not been put in endowment and WSPA has been funding the award for some years.  Kathryn B. suggested to change the name to the Elizabeth Lindly Woods Award, who was the the first school psychologist in Wisconsin. Motion to change name of award by Kisten G., Amy Cole seconds motion. Motion Approved

L.         Financial Advisory: Kathryn Bush thanked everyone for their work on the action plan and understanding for a healthier budget.

M.        Technology:  This position is currently Vacant. Rene spoke about the use of Google Drive to house documents for the board.

N.         Planning and Development:  Kisten Gillespie –No new business

O.        Continuing Professional Development: Rob Dixon discussed the online class that was held was successful and he is currently gathering the data for NASP presentation.

P.         NASP: Katie Johnson submitted delegate report to NASP in May with the help of Linda and Rene.  Doing work on The Will to Govern Well at the regional leadership meeting next spring.  Let’s be strategic about who we send so that these people can lead our group after training.  Creating Connections State Assistance Package - let’s encourage good board participation.  

8.4 Ad Hoc Committee Reports

A.         Employment Fair Committee: Rob Dixon reported that the fair was successful and has booked Chula Vista for 3 years for more employment fairs. Unfortunately, there was a loss of money this year. However, prices will be raised for the next which should create more revenue at the next job fair. Kathryn Bush suggested that this ad hoc committee should be a full committee. Rob Dixon suggested it fall under the Professional Preparation and Training Committee.

B.         ESSA Committee: Chris Weins reported that this committee was not meeting and is now closed down.

C.         Crisis: Travis Pinter – Discussed that he took the position because he has a high interest in this topic. He asked the board what they believe a good direction to take the committee. Rob Dixon spoke to the original purpose of ad hoc committee and the board discussed that they see the committee’s role to keep current with PD especially surrounding the Prepare Curriculum, anything that the board needs to advocate or take action for following current events pertaining to crisis, risk and threat assessment, providing mental health class for a certificate, creating a network for professionals in consultation with crisis, and connecting with DPI surrounding school safety and crisis.   

8.5. Affiliations, WSPA Liaisons, and Coalitions

A.         DPI:  Elizabeth Cook provided updates regarding DPI. Legislation is closed; a summer exploratory committee in dyslexia has been developed and she believes a member of this group would be addition to the committee; the piece of legislation put forth getting rid of license through DSPS; categorical aid expansion to all pupil service positions. She is wondering if there is a way to help support CESAs and Regional Executives.

B.         ISPA: Michelle Jardine, Caitlyn Cox and Kisten Gillespie co-chairs. Kisten G. reported that at this time there is no one attending ISPA this year. Rob D. was wondering how membership with ISPA benefits the organization. This discussion was tabled until the Fall meeting or next LRP.

C.         RtI Center: Dan Seaman – Absent

D.         WCASS liaison – Amanda Myers reported no new updates.

Adjournment motioned by Kisten G. seconded Amanda Meyers. Adjournment approved.

Ended - 12:07 pm

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